Deep Cleaning

Ourselves at 'Resilient Ballistics' belive that deep cleaning is a very important aspect of maintaing a firing range. We use a variety of equipment such as a non-explosive hover and a Scruba Dryer so that we can remove any unburnt propellant safety.

Building and Converting Bullet Traps


Bullet traps are usually designed to fit the purpose of the building/area in which it is based. However on the odd ocasion they need to be converted for example from sand to rubber granular and this is something we can help with. 

General Maintance


This Service covers everything that is required to keep a firing range in working order. 

Supplying and Fitting Products


As well as supplying a variety of diffrent ballistic products to anywhere in the world, we are also offer the service to install them.



'Resilient Ballistics' have worked on all types of bullet traps such as sand, metal and rubber granular. We have the correct equipment and machines to make sure the De-leading is carried out safely and in accordance with JSP403 Military Spec.





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